2017-11-23 6.33

Ardi 6.33 comes with improved Gmail modules tested for most popular email formats. Added GTD tabs for Pad & Fit views similar to Gmail label. Updated synchronization to support GDrive id for images and albums.

2017-07-01 AriadneOrganizer -> Ardi

AriadneOrganizer is about to become Ardi starting 6.32. The new version except for shorter name will bring Google Drive and Gmail integrations. What it means for the users is that program will became mail-client with ability to send/receive, sort, slice & dice emails in Gmail box and organize them using Outliner, GTD methods and project managing features adopted in early versions of AriadneOrganizer. Our objectives in nearest future will be polishing Gmail modules and GDrive synchronizations. Osoft decided to make cloud-related code open soft and will maintain it in github under name googleQt.

2016-10-03 6.31

The development was focused on migration from Dropbox v1 to v2 API since v1 is about to expire next year. The migration resulted in a separate library that we decided to spin off and publish as open source project under name dropboxQt. It might be useful for other C++ developers, the git repo is hosted by github also there is webpage on our website with basic instructions.
In application itself there were series of GUI related fixes and optimizations, also extended planner - added milestones and generalized task dependencies procedures, also updated Home-view, enabled exandable graph nodes etc.

2016-05-12 version 6.25

6.25 has delivered GTD - "Getting Things Done", popularized by David Allen (gettingthingsdone.com) workflow of actions and ideas. The new "Home" tab in Ariadne displays GTD folders:

  • Inbox
  • Reference
  • Maybe/Someday
  • Delegated
  • Projects
  • Trash

and diagram that describes the workflow with actionable items, delegated and items organized in projects.
The basic ideas of GTD were partially implemented in previous versions but new approach in GUI design has prevailed - it enforces more strict following of the methodology. The GTD and Project folders bring structure into classic outline of topics, also it fits perfectly into existing design of application, so it looks like quite a natural evolution.
On organizational note - we will increase development cycle to 5 months to allow more time for QA testing, also Android version will be available now as beta and Linux version will be available as free. In future we plan to work further on GTD features, enable export projects data to Microsoft Project XML file and optimize GUI for small form factor devices.

2015-12-21 6.23

6.23 has passed final testing and ready to download. Added new project-and-planning-related features and series of small improvements, also polished GUI in many places. The work-type resources were added and enabled allocation of the resources per project task. The Gantt&Plan view have changed to handle resource management and became more user friendly, with shadow progress bar, attached images and multiline text, also drag&drop in desktop versions. All task edit screens allow title edition and display main image if attached, same for Note tab display.

Internally synchronization algorithm & base data structures got generalized which helped to eliminate code redundancy & many small bugs. The data in outline is presented as collection of topics. By adding elements to the topics we can change their properties, for example, topic with budget & calendar date becomes project, topic with priority & cost - task, resource is special topic with additional records attached - email, cost, schedule etc.. Such discrete presentation of data helps with classification and generalization of storage and replica procedures. In other words it makes possible to build complex structures with a set of relatively simple objects that don't get changed as new composite objects are constructed.

2015-07-29 version 6.19

Updated version with improved user interface and cloud synchronization module. Fixed series of small issues and made dozens of adjustments in GUI to simplify screens and data windows. GUI of the program is becoming Tab-oriented with minimal number of splitters and scroll controls, in fact there are no splitters in basic version now and most of the scrolls are made kinetic.
The 6.19 version comes with final merge of iOS code and unification of basic user controls for small (iPhone), medium (tablets) and big (desktop computers). Once approved by QA and Apple Store, the iOS version will appear in common download list.
Another big addition is cross platform auto test module to speed up bug detection and improve quality of the program - the module was designed to run program in resource critical conditions, generate randomly various commands, synchronize against local databases and emulate user activity. The complete test runs under 3 hours with heavy processor load on Linux & Windows machines.

2015-04-30 version 6.15

In 6.15 enabled notes with images and tables, copy&past of HTML with images for Chrome & Mozilla browsers. Also drag&drop of images, HTML and text documents. Added words/tags feature for user defined custom dictionaries. Implemented speech command for OSX & Windows. Fixed several dozen of small issues in editor and outliner, unified menu, tab controls & views. Unified cloud synchronization of multiple local database files.
Upgraded development platform to OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), enabled dropbox synchronization in OSX. Upgraded Android platform to 5.0. implemented bulk (group replace, search, format) operations for the following scopes:

  • topic
  • project
  • database

2014-12-28 version 6.14

6.14 is ready to download. Updated project management and added CPM (critical path method) tab. Polished basic organizer features and fixed QA detected issues. Polished images management controls and Android version, also improved Dropbox synchronization and enabled multiple sync topics for client database (implemented as QA beta feature).

2014-10-07 version 6.12

Beta 4 (6.12) is ready to download. Added project management features - Gantt charts, WBS ( Work Breakdown Structure) diagrams and project topics. Every item inside project is treated as a task with properties:

  • duration
  • percentage of completion
  • list of predecessor items

There is separate tab, called "Plan" to work with projects, it opens access to Task table, Gantt charts, WBS. The dependencies between tasks are edited in Gantt chart and in project table by clicking on column marked with arrow. Projects organized as separate logical branches in outline. Projects can be part of "Cloud Topic" and synchronized over the cloud. Also they can be members of other generic topics. The new set of tabs in main program windows looks like this:

  • Pad - main outline view (with notes workspace)
  • Plan - main project view (with notes workspace, Gantt Chart or WBS diagram)
  • Fit - outline designed to move around nodes in tree (notes workspace)
  • Note - view of single note and it's images if any
  • Group - view for searching and grouping items

2014-06-02 version 6.11

Android release was the main goal of this update and we made best effort to ensure stable build with improved tablet oriented interface and efficient Cloud synchronization. We fixed several synchronization issues and enabled database compression for cloud storage. Besides Tablet edition, Desktop version was changed a lot too. We introduced tabs, new functional toolbars, new index card view, new workspace with customizable layout; enabled popup notes, Project topics and Recycle Bin; enabled 30 days trial period and simplified registration procedure. We plan to publish Ubuntu version first then Android, Windows & OSX after some more testing. The OSX version will not have Dropbox synchronization, that is limitation we plan to overcome in next release or release after. Also iOS version is planned for tablet devices, but before we will have to migrate to Maverics. That means OSX 10.6 support will be terminated sometime this year.

2014-03-10 version 6.10

The release link is enabled. Android Tablet version was created.
The upgrade increased install package more than twice on Windows and we eventually will have to do something about it. As we anticipated the Tablet edition introduced new requirements especially on GUI but it worked out well somehow. We got simpler and cleaner interface, consistent and recognizable on Desktop machine and Android Tablet. We used Nexus 7 to migrate Ariadne and latest SDK from Google. Also we enabled Dropbox synchronization module, another exciting feature but it will need more polishing and testing in the future.

2013-12-09 Beta 3

Beta 3 is Ariadne 6 release candidate. We needed a little bit more time to run proper test on diagrams building algorithms before release code gets finalized. Also there was understanding that the interface might change a little bit after adjustment for small devices and Android support, which hopefully will happen in 3 months. We improved internal code as always and added couple screens from previous Windows version 5, among them "move item" and "insert new item" dialog boxes. Also enabled rich text formatting in Outline, outline labels with Roman numbers etc; added search filtering and keywords selection.

2013-09-03 Beta 2 (OSX, Ubuntu, Windows 7)

Beta 2 is ready to download. The main update is MacOS support, particularly Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard and up (newer versions not tested yet). It was an interesting development, very good impression from programmers support, code structure and integration. Many things got adapted to conform new requirement and after retested in Ubuntu and Windows 7. Enjoy.

2013-05-21 Ariadne 6 beta 1

Beta 1 is ready to download. We decided to finalize database structure, mainly because synchronization algorithm, which shaped everything internally in Ariadne, is completed for local synchronizations and partially completed for cloud. We couldn't expose Google-Drive synchronization just yet, hopefully it won't be too challenging. As we finalize data structures the following object will be backward compatible and supported in future versions:

  • notes
  • images
  • topics
  • bullets
  • lines
  • comments
  • albums

also properties:

  • todo
  • hoisted
  • color
  • hotspots & hotspot bullets
  • retired

Albums are essentially notes with comments & images - one entity in the outline. In next update we plan to introduce Google-Drive and maybe Mac OSX - Snow Leopard. Will see. Also we plan to roll upgrades every 3 months (unless there is need for critical bug fix). It is not practical to publish versions more often because it only introduces confusion with not properly tested features. Anyway enjoy new version of the program.

2013-03-31 Ariadne 6 alpha 4

We uploaded alpha 4 with substantial improvement in multithreading code. Time consuming operations like import/export media files, synchronization and media transformation will run in separate threads and users will be able to browse data at the time of long operation process. Also long operation procedures made scalable, that means scheduled background job will be spitted along certain number of independent threads according to the processor affinity to maximize usage of processor resource when it's most needed. Sorry for a bit technical description - for end users it means this: whatever might take more time to complete in Ariadne will run in background with accommodation to local processor type.
The other feature that we are trying to incorporate is database synchronization - the final goal is to enable cloud-synchronization along Ariadne instances running in different OS - Linux, OSX, Windows etc. The first step in this direction is local DB synchronization that is partially completed and will be available for QA testing in next round of update.

2013-01-31 Ariadne 6 alpha 3

Alpha 3 is ready to download. The program is taking shape, first of all GUI. The classic outliner becomes blended with new ways of visualizing data, grouping items, workspace for notes, hoisted and tree tabs etc. The previous version 5, that has been around for more that 5 years was inspired by InfoSelect (and partially Palm Agendus) and followed closely classic outline structures. The new program was largely influenced by image gallery websites, some ideas (like list of open documents and main window splitters layout) were borrowed from Creator interface. Everything else is original as much as it can be in our time. We are very close to finalize database structure. The performance issues were fixed and we will be able to publish beta version and ensure stable data and compatibility support in the nearest future, maybe in next round of update.

2012-12-26 Ariadne 6 alpha 2

Alpha 2 is ready to download for testers. Ariadne 6 is still more like prove of the concepts than a very useful application. It is stable, no crashes, runs under Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04, but data structure is not finalized therefore I wouldn't exactly recommend it for storing some valuable data just yet. It is fast enough on average size DB, at least something like 10 MB with ~1000 notes+images can handle without any problem. Import from MySQL database with 4images structure proved to be rather slow and not very useful for synchronization, it means we need to optimize DB access procedures.

2012-11-30 Ariadne 6 alpha 1 - Unix/X.11 edition

A Osoft is pleased to introduce version 6 of AriadneOrganizer. Version 6, once completed and stabilized, is staged for long term support and development - at least over 5 years or more. The program will be developed from scratch in Linux environment first and then migrated to Windows & possible other platforms.